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Darlene’s Success

MOKKO student Darlene Foster form the Pontypridd Dojo won a Bronze Medal in the Special Needs Category of the British Karate Federation British 4 Nations Championships on 28/5/16.

Darlene competed in the Special Needs Kata category against competitors from all over Britain of All styles of Karate.  This follows her medal success in the Welsh All Styles Championships last year and the World All Styles Championships in 2014 when she won a Silver Medal.

Darlene hopes to continue on her success and is training hard for selection for the World All Styles Championships in November of this year.  It was also announced yesterday that Disability categories will be included in the European All Styles Championships form next year – another great opportunity for Darlene!

Congratulations Darlene!!!

Info  via Shihan Alwyn Heath

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