2007 All Styles WKF
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Waterpoort Cup 2007 Medalist Jade Foster

Welsh Youth Medalists

BKF British Medalists Josh Perry & Jade Foster

Michaela 005

Congratulations to the following M.O.K.K.O students
who gained medals in the following competitions:

BKF British Youth All Styles Championships Sheffield 2007

Josh Perry 14 – U 16 years Boys                  Gold Medal
Jade Foster 14 – U 16 years Girls                 Bronze Medal

WKGB  Welsh All Styles Championships Cardiff 2007

Josh Perry 14 – U 16 years Boys                 Bronze Medal
Jade Foster 14 – U 16 years Girls                Bronze Medal
Michaela Foster Over 18 years Women       Bronze Medal

WKGB N. Wales All Styles Open Championships Wrexham 2007

Jodi Heath 12 – U 14 years Girls             Silver medal
Bonnie Heath 10 – U 12 years Girls         Bronze medal
Jade Foster 14 – U 16 years Girls            Bronze Medal
Michaela Foster Over 18 years Women  Bronze Medal
Carl White 14 – U 16 years Boys             Bronze Medal

WKGB Welsh Youth Open Championships Cardiff 2007

Pee Wees Under 10 years Team      Silver  Medal
Morgan Hancock
Aisha Jones
Dylan Griffiths
Cael Griffiths

Boys 10 – U 12 years Team   Bronze Medal

Jordan Richards
Lloyd Frost
Brad Pugh
Scott Townsend

Waterpoort Cup Holland 2007

Jade Foster    Silver Medal

 International  Representation – Michaela Foster
WKGB Wales 16 – U 18 years Girls European All Styles Championships 2007
WKGB Wales 18 – U 21 years Women’s World All Styles Championships 2007

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